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Workplace Training Solutions

Build a better workplace.

Discover how Workplace Training Solutions can help you develop and strengthen employee relationships, retain talent, and create a more productive workplace. With our tailored training solutions, you can be sure you're getting the most out of your team. Unlock your team's potential today

Business Owners               Learning & Design Teams               Human Resources Professionals

We Can Help!

A blue training handbook positioned on a table alongside a coffee cup and a cellular phone.

À la Carte Training Materials

Sleepless nights trying to figure out how to help your employees succeed?

Overwhelmed with your desire to succeed or level up in your company?

Poor attitudes for you and/or your employees?

What We Offer

Individual, customized SOPs and other onboarding & employee development materials that represent your company's branding.

An image of a chalkboard resting on a desk. The chalkboard has the words 'company' written in white and 'culture' written in yellow, surrounded by three light bulb drawings. Two smaller light bulbs are depicted in white, while a larger one is in yellow. There is also a coffee cup placed on the desk, along with a flat lying pencil.

Employee Training Packages

Struggling to find "good" employees? 

High Employee turnover?  

Low Employer-employee satisifaction?

Lack of organization?

​What We Offer

Solutions ranging from digital &/or printable materials to supplement workshops and programs you already have, to full-scale, 100% done-for-you digital training programs.

An image of a brown sign with the words 'Professional Development' placed on a desk. Next to it, there is a pencil holder with a clock, and a single pencil is lying flat on the desk.

Team-Building Strategies

Frustrated with your team?  

Chaos in your business?  

Employees suffering from a lack of direction?    

Need to develop or upgrade your SOPs? 

​What We Offer

With our Done-With-You and Done-For-You Solutions, we can customized training solutions that incorporate a dashboard, social media-style newsfeed, and microcredentialing to increase employee engagement.

"We learned to make our digital learning content more on the trainING and less on the trainER. Dr. Steph also showed us how internalizing small practices (like asking for "thumbs up" from trainees in synchronous sessions) makes the entire learning process more valuable."

Keells L&D Team

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